Done For You (DFY) Email Blast + OUR NO BOT GUARANTEE

We are committed to delivering bot-free traffic. We use two third party bot detection companies, in addition to our own proprietary methods to identify and filter bots in real time. Our software will identify most bots so they are blocked before they reach your website. It is possible that some bots may not be filtered in real time. 

‌Our guarantee is to replace these bots with a new valid click or visitor at no charge. We will reach your click through rate goal with valid visitors guaranteed.


We have the capabilities to hyper-target audiences and find where your customers are; how they behave and where they are engaging most. By marketing relevant ads to equally relevant customers, our marketing experts classify your audience, make sure they are reading the right ad at the right time.

We can help you reach a hyper-targeted audience where they are engaging most. Our wide-ranging database constructs user profiles based on:

  • - Location (i.e. city, county, state, zip code, DMA)
  • Age, gender, education, income, etc.
  • Areas of interest (i.e. cooking, travel, sports and more)